Modest: Konkrete Jungle, MINNEmassive, and...Wolverines?

Konkrete Jungle MPLS & MINNEmassive's ModestThe headliners are all booked and the venue is's only a few weeks until Frost Byte 2.0 hits Menomonie like a damned bomb...or something like that.  You know...something that hits something else REALLY REALLY Hard.  I have to be honest with everyone...I'm like a little kid waiting for Santa to come...I even have sugar plums dancing inside my head (actually they're doing a Melbourne Shuffle of some sort).  And what's on everyone's mind?  Modest of course!  Who is this man?  Is he human?  Robot?  Cyborg?  And most importantly, does he have a spirit animal?  Well, folks...I've asked him just that.  So put on your new reading spectacles, sit back, and learn a bit more about one of our fine headliners that will be joining us for Frost Byte 2.0. - Josh G

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DJ ESP Interview

Once again, One Love's Josh G has come up with another great interview...this time it's Midwest Legend and techno innovator DJ ESP - Woody McBride in the hot seat covering a variety of topics including a string of shows in Europe to kick the year off, a new term..."hippieraver", more Frost Byte banter, and "The Wall of Bass"...past, present, and future.

Nuff's the Q&A session...


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William Janicke Interview - Live Dubstep, the Menomonie Scene, and a Grandma Question

One Love's Josh G had the opportunity to spend some time chatting with Will Janicke today...besides our upcoming Frost Byte show, Will seems to have a plethora of other musical ideas brewing inside his's what we talked about...


Will...I've always known you to be a Drum N Bass DJ...tell us a bit about what you've got going on at the moment.

Lately I have been exploring the realms of Dubstep. The whole movement has been blowing my mind. I have a natural ear for minor keys, I love the LFO's in the bass, and dubbed out snares and vocals. Just amazing! I believe that dubstep is going to be my doorway to live production. I have been producing electronic music off and on for 18 years but I have never played live. I am excited to start!



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